About The Ambrosium

My husband, David, was a pastor for nine years and now is in divinity school pursuing his doctorate. We were always looking for meaningful spiritual things to give as gifts, and I realized that it was really hard to find beautiful and unique devotionally oriented art. I started making encaustic celtic crosses to give as gifts, and people kept asking me to make more so they could give them as gifts also. I just kept making them and they kept disappearing out of my studio!

The original pieces are made in the tradition of encaustic painting. Encaustic painting (painting with beeswax) is one of the earliest forms of painting known to mankind. The nature of beeswax is such that it preserves and binds well, making it a steadfast and reliable medium. Your encaustic pieces should last hundreds of years under the right conditions.

I'm thrilled to offer something that seems to bless so many people. Selling these pieces allows me to keep my studio space, so I can keep making my personal artwork, and helps us out as we journey through a season where David is in school. Now that I am home most of the time with our new baby girl, Blythe, this shop is a wonderful way for me to stay connected with people looking for something special. We so appreciate your patronage and hope these works bless you or someone you love.

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