Caring For Your Piece

Care Instructions for Encaustic Pieces:

Right now your encaustic painting should be shinny having been buffed right before it was mailed or delivered. However, over time dust and other particles in the air will collect on the surface and make a film that will look dull. Regular buffing in the first 3 months will help to keep the surface shiny and will bring out translucency in layers that are not currently visible. After 3 months the surface of the encaustic painting will stabilize and wont attract dust as readily. Any time the painting starts to look dull it can be buffed with a very soft rag to increase the transparency and shine of the surface. Light dusting of the piece is all that is needed in the form of maintenance.

To make sure your piece lasts a long time it should not be hung where it will experience below freezing temperatures, or in direct sunlight coming through a window. Be aware of placing your piece near a powerful light bulb or any kind of lighting that produces a lot of heat (Christmas lights.) Don’t leave your piece in a car on a hot day, or near a fireplace. As long as the painting is kept in your house at a comfortable temperature it should stay in perfect condition.

Because the wax is soft, it could be damaged if dropped or if a sharp or hard object is scraped over the surface. Fingerprints will also damage the surface over time as the acid on our hands will etch itself into the wax. A quick wipe of the surface after anyone touches it will prevent this from happening.

If you ever need to pack and move or ship your encaustic painting make sure you wrap it in a piece of paper with a smooth surface before wrapping it in bubble wrap or anything that has a texture that could damage the surface.

Encaustic painting is very archival, resistant to moisture, fading from light exposure, or yellowing from acid. In fact encaustic painting is the most archival form of painting that we know about. Your painting has the potential to last for hundreds of years if well cared for. I hope your enjoy your new treasure! 

Thanks so much for your business!

Phaedra Taylor,  The Ambrosium

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